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Workers’ Compensation Law

Workers’ Compensation Law

It is wise for anyone who works with an employer to know that the employer must provide worker’s compensation insurance for their employees. Generally, that rule applies to all employers who have five or more employees.

It is very important to know that if you are injured on the job that you give immediate notice of that injury to your employer. If you do not give them prompt notice, they may disallow your claim for benefits. Worker’s Compensation insurance will normally cover work related injuries and that is to say that if the employee is injured while on the job, the employer must provide a panel of doctors that the employee may choose from and pay all of the employee’s accident related injuries for the remainder of the employee’s life.

In addition, when an employee is injured on the job he or she may become entitled to monetary benefits while off work and if the employee’s accident results in some permanent impairment to the worker, then the worker is entitled to another sum of money for his or her disability.

The Worker’s Compensation Law in Tennessee has changed dramatically in the recent past to add additional benefits to the worker if the worker does not have a high school education, is over forty years of age, or if the employee is unable to return to work. There is also an added benefit depending on the unemployment rate. A lot of times the worker’s compensation insurance will not tell you of these additional benefits or that the insurance has to cover pre-existing injuries when they have been aggravated by the work injury. It is therefore important that you consult with an attorney whenever you believe that you have been injured while at work.


This article is not intended to constitute legal advice as all legal cases are very fact dependent and no attorney-client relationship is conferred upon the reader of this article.

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